Video: 6 Minutes Of Mike Leach Dropping F-Bombs, Motherf@ckers, God Damns, Etc. In Tirade


Posted: March 11, 2010

Premise of Video: (from the vlogger) Mike Leach addresses his team after their 20-13 victory against Baylor on November 28, 2009. This video was obtained by under the Texas Freedom of Information Act and was posted free to their website

Climax of Video: “We thought we were too good to play Baylor. ‘F@ckin’ Baylor….’ well f@ck you. F@ck me and f@ck everybody. That is f@cking bullshit.”

“There are a couple of you guys who’s current living conditions are going to change.”

Conclusion: Mike Leach lost his job, but as a fan of his, we are left with videos like this that will come in handy when we need a really good laugh and to hear the 7 dirty words. George Carlin would be proud.

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