The Dark, Grainy Photos Of Ben Roethlisberger At The Georgia Bars

There are now a few photos of Ben Roethlisberger at one of the Georgia bars from the night that the chick allegedly got “Big Benned.”

Deadspin is running these pics, as are a few online forums.

Do they show anything other than a 28-year-old white guy partying with a bunch of college coeds? Nope.

Will this lead to more online, radio, TV and newspaper chatter about why a multi-millionaire QB is hanging at a college bar with chicks who are one drink away from accusing an NFLer of rape? Yep.

Dude hasn’t left behind his college days of partying in the small, popped-collar capital of college dorks – Oxford, Ohio. Look it up or visit Miami University. You’ll see our point.

This guy is the Caucasian version of a black guy who made it out of the ‘hood, has some cash and likes to be a ‘playa’ as they like to say on the street.

There is the . Then there are the Tao Vegas photos we found last year where he’s surrounded by admirers.

You put yourself into such positions, don’t start preaching about how you found God or will be going to rehab. We get the feeling this dong jammer (thanks for that one, Trevor) will go 2-for-2 in both of those categories.

Find a woman. Settle down and quit paying lawyers all those millions to defend yourself, douchebag. Or not. It’s your call.

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