SWGill: The Twitter User Who Broke News Of Ben Roethlisberger & Willie Colon Bar Hopping


His name is Steven Gill and he was just living his life until early Friday morning.

That is when he tweeted that ben roethlisberger and Willie Colon (NFL players) are in my tiny college town drinking at the local bar.”

Our freelance Indian researchers have been scouring Twitter and have determined that SWGill can get ready to be bombarded by news outlets who want a comment on the state of Roethlisberger just an hour before “Rape-Gate” allegedly went down.

SWGill is the “Twitterer Who Broke News Of Ben Roethlisberger & Willie Colon’s Bar Hopping.”

Gill says the media reports you are being fed aren’t exactly accurate, especially from a dude’s perspective.

Gill says Big Ben wasn’t being friendly to dudes but TMZ does have a pic of Ben smiling with the locals. Maybe this was after a few more drinks.

We’ll be efforting our contacts at TMZ to get them in touch with Gill and get his recollection of what was going down at 1 a.m.

Body shots? Some Sex on the Beach?


[SWGill – Twitter]
[TMZ Team Coverage Of Ben-Gate]

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