Erin Andrews Dancing With The Stars Photos

It’s good to see Erin Andrews putting her life back together via ballroom dancing after such a disastrous 2009.
We were efforting to figure out if there was a season of DWTS where we’ve seen two of the contestants naked. This year we get Andrews and Pam Anderson. They own two of the most famous videos in the history of the Internet that every straight guy has watched.
Anyway, Erin is busy getting ready for the DWTS premiere and there are photos to prove it.
(Anyone else feeling disappointed you’ve already seen EA naked and the mystery is gone forever?)
In an interview with an Atlanta TV station, Erin explains why she’s bringing her name back into U.S. living rooms.

So why did she decide to do this, given her peephole video incident of last summer? She said producers were talking to her before that and came back again afterward. “I had talked about with my family and friends for a good month and kind of fought against doing it and then I just finally thought to myself, you know what I need something new.  I need something to make me happy, kind of change it up a bit, get excited about things again and I just thought that this would be a good way to forget about everything that had happened and maybe talk about something new with my life.”

Good for her. Just a heads up to those guys who enjoy watching her at sporting events, we’ll predict she’s gone from ESPN within the next 1-2 years.
Her run is over and DWTS is her ticket out. Mark it down.
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