Daily Dump: Eliza Dushku Now Banging Rick Fox?, Coleslaw Wrestling At Daytona Bike Week, Giant Inflatable Beaver Shirts, Tony Romo Plays Indoor Soccer, Woman With Four Breasts And Mary Carey Has Two Rocky Mountains


Listen, honey, we’ll give you something to smoke this weekend.

We get up early to get the Daily Dump out to you guys. Like 6 a.m. EST early, which is crazy for guys who stay up late to watch Nightline and then a little of Kimmel.

All we ask in the morning is that the damn Internet connection works. This morning? Nope. F@ckers.

Anyway, we noticed that the NCAA women’s conference basketball tournaments are rolling along. That is awesome news since we were jonesing to watch Creighton vs. Illinois St. battle it out.

In football news, you need a MA in football terminology to follow along during this free agency crap. Someone wake us up in August and tell us the Bengals haven’t signed Brandon Marshall.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with confirmation that Sofia Vergara wears undies [CelebSlam]

Coleslaw wrestling at Daytona Bike Week is a slice of Americana we can’t get enough of [FanHouse]

Eliza Dushku now banging Rick Fox? The chick obviously has a L.A. athlete festish  [Popoholic]

Olympic News: Giant Inflatable Beaver shirts now available [Out Of Bounds]

Utah bball coach vs. newspaper columnist verbal scrap: “Nice of you to show up.” [The Dagger]

1,300 people have commented on Brittney Griner’s punch – 500 people were in stands [YouTube]

The Ladies of the University of Kentucky: Wife material or a good one night stand? [BroBible]

Hot Southern Chicks Because NASCAR is in Atlanta this week – or something like that [Maxim]

You know how we know Tony Romo is gay? He plays indoor soccer [TMZ]

Video: Mike Vick being welcomed home to Atlanta by strippers & other unsavories [YouBeenBlinded]

Nate Burleson finds a sucker in free agency and it’s the Lions stepping up for $25MM [Profootballtalk]

Friday Jukebox: Black Betty remix featuring Amber Lamps and Epic Beard Guy [Giggity Greg]

Today’s Tail:

Now this sucks: Woman claims surgery left her with four breasts [Asylum]

Holy F@cking Sh!T! Mary Carey’s chest looks like the Rocky Mountains on a popsicle stick [Don Chavez]

In the mood for some Italian TV host T&A? We’ve got a gift for you guys [Uncoached]

20 Animals Caught Staring At Boobs! [Manofest]

Speaking of animals and boobs, look at this little monkey doing his thing on this chick [Wacky Archives]

If Salma Hayek was reading a book to us, we’d be staring at her boobs (NSFW Ads) [Boobie Blog]

Fun! Top 5 Celebrity Naked Shower Scenes (NSFW) [The Nip Slip]

Profile shot with a side hand bra on Tata Thursday – this chick is talented [Funtasticus]

Your latest update on Anna Kournikova and her knee-high boots [The Grumpiest]

…we shut id down this week with Great Lesbian Graffiti Art [City Rag]

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