Daily Dump: Playboy March Madness, Ochocinco Naked Workout Video, 14 Horrifyingly Strange Stadium Foods, Lebron Hearts Jay-Z, Sidney Crosby’s Unwashed Pants, Paris Hilton Buying Apple Computers And A NYC Naked Body Painting Party


The World’s Greatest Common-Folk Asses, according to American Apparel researchers

You have to love Floyd Mayweather Jr. for his promotional genius.

Our friends at TMZ.com have video of Floyd flashing huge piles of cash in NYC after just leaving a press conference where he was promoting his next fight against Mosley. Of course people started going wild because it was like Obama was about to drop $20s from Heaven.

Is there a greater promotional tool during tough economic times like acting as if you are about to give unemployed people some cash? This is brilliant.

He’s like the urban Bernie Madoff minus the part where he’s ripping you off. The guy actually puts on a performance. And wins.




Today’s Dump:

….we get started with the only March Madness bracket that matters – Playboy’s! [Playboy.com]

Ochocinco releases his response video to Chuck Liddell’s naked workout video [Shutdown Corner]

Yum! 14 Horrifyingly Strange Stadium Foods From Around The World [The Angry T]

Which leads us to a “If College Football Teams Were Sandwiches” blog post [Bleacher Report]

Face it, Cavaliers fan, your boy is going to NYC and here is proof why – it’s called Jay-Z [Coed]

Stevie Williams feels, like, so betrayed that Tiger was banging tail around the world [Wei Undar Par]

Moron: Michael Vick wants to play for Carolina because the team unis are awesome [Legend of Cecilio Guante]

Things That Drive Gay Men Nuts: sweaty, unwashed Sidney Crosby game pants [OutSports]

The Michael Jordan of Aussie Rules football [Guyism]

The Twins have a 7-foot-1 Dutch giant pitching prospect at Spring Training [TwinCities]

So Many Laughs & Hair Spray: Jersey Shore appears on Jaywalking [Popcrunch]

Yes! Figure Skating To Smells Like Teen Spirit [NextRound]

Sticking with food theme: Kid develops fish scales at 14-months old…via… [Linkiest]

Wash it all down with beer and then build something cool with the cans, like cars! [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail:

WAY NSFW, BUT FOOD RELATED! Miss Intrigue seems to have a chocolate issue [Boobie Blog]

Which leads us to Sophie Reade and white milk (WAY NSFW!) [Dirty Rotten]

Things You Don’t See On A Daily Basis: Paris Hilton buying two Macbooks [MoeJackson]

Christ! Trista from the Bachelorette is, um, looking busty these days [CelebSlam]

Sticking with the food theme – one of the classics – AnnaLynne McCord & a banana [Just Jared]

We’d eat chicken parm off Siobhan’s left calf [Uncoached]

And greek pasta off Anne Hathaway’s upper thigh [Popoholic]

And a salsa puddle off Mayrin’s abs (seriously, you have to see this chick) [Guanabee]

Sadly, coleslaw is nowhere to be found in the 10 Sexiest Catfights In History [Manofest]

If you are into big chested chicks with ridiculously black hair, Hannah is for you [Gunaxin]

J. Love Hewitt busy showing that her chest, body are still hanging in there at this old age [Beer Goggler]

A NYC naked body painting party (Photos!) [Village Voice]

…and finally, 15 Things You Need To Know About Breasts [Funtasticus]

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