Daily Dump: Julia Mancuso’s Bra Makes Debut, UCLA 2010 Dance Team, "Jeter, Dive Here", Spring Training Cliche Translator, John Daly’s Hobbies, Canadian 32Gs! And Fei Fei Is Half Russian/Chinese


Jessica dressed up for Comic Con and didn’t have a single Guido gamer hit on her.

Let’s just get to the damn March Madness already. Last night we caught 10-15 minutes of basketball chatter on ESPN and became bored after 5 minutes of Doug Gottlieb.

Are they in? Are they out? Jesus, people, if you are at the edge of your seat on a nightly basis figuring out all this shit there is a very good chance you aren’t getting laid more than once a month – if that. In fact, you probably resemble Joe Lunardi.

Wake us up when Jackson St. is playing Florida A&M in the 2nd round of the MEAC or whatever conference these two are in.

We’ll be busy looking at T&A and working on our fantasy baseball draft rankings.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with Julia Mancuso’s see through top you might have heard about [Guyism]

We’ve been slacking on the NCAA basketball dancers – 2010 UCLA ladies [Ultimate Cheerleaders]

Speaking of racks: Saints’ Chicks Battle For Super Fan Title (Underboob vs. Saints Bikini) [Coed]

17 Awesome Baseball Signs Including “Jeter, Dive Here” held up by a chick [The Angry T]

While we’re on the Yankees: K Fed out shopping for salad, sportin’ a Yanks cap [CelebSlam]

AWESOMER! The Spring Training Cliche Translator [Maxim]

AWESOME! Miss. strip club says “Tiger, rehab is for quitters” [Friends of the Program]

John Daly’s Hobbies These Days: Smoking and Sex [Wei Under Par]

The Greatest ‘Stache In MLB RIGHT NOW! Collin Ballester of the Nats [Big League Stew]

If Sesame Street Was Fear And Loathing Bert And Ernie Would Be Blotto [Ned Hardy]

How exactly did dinosaurs ‘do it?’ [Asylum]

Dogs Smelling Celebrity Crotch. A gallery. [Manofest]

Today’s Tail:

Must-Read: Nina Hartley dishes on whether size matters, other important sex questions [BroBible]

The Biggest/Pastiest Boobs In Hollywood Right Now – Christina Hendricks (NSFW Ads) [Boobie Blog]

Introducing the Canadian chick sportin’ 32Gs! And she likes hockey!! [Uncoached]

As for basketball WAGs: Eva Longoria bent over and giving us a heart attack [The Beer Goggler]

Marisa Miller figures out another magazine cover to grace and look sexy as usual [Don Chavez]

If you want to stare at Audrina Patridge’s hoots this morning this is your post [NextRound]

Kate Gosselin is back and she’ll be bringing her giant hooters to DWTS [Wacky Archives]

Today seems to be all about boobs – here we have Argentinian boobs that’ll are A+ [BigSmudge]

If you want respectable, real boobs with a foreign twist go with Irina Sheik [The Grumpiest]

Moving to the cabooses, yesterday was Tooshie Tuesday in case you forgot [Funtasticus]

And some hand bra action from Sivan for those guys who are updating their rankings [Holy Taco]

No shit, her name is Fei Fei and she’s half Chinese, half Russian [DJ Mick]

…and finally, the hottest Asian Facebook chick you’ll see all day (NSFW Ads) [Dirty Rotten]

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