Sue ‘Em: Ex-Cheerleader Coach Stephanie Kirkland Wants $300k For Hurtful Lesbian-Ish Accusations

Stephanie Kirkland made her Busted Coverage appearance back in 2008 after a South Carolina sheriff accused her of having sexual relations with a 13-year-old cheerleading pupil.

Her name was dragged through the media and after the investigation went a little further, the charges were dropped.

Now, Stephanie says, it’s time to pay up, bitches. She wants her life back and $300k should do the job.

A lawsuit filed at the Aiken County Courthouse Monday morning, lists Sheriff Michael Hunt as the defendant, but it calls the investigators who worked on the case “grossly negligent.“

Columbia attorney J. Dennis Bolt is representing Kirkland, and says there were problems in the victim’s story from the beginning.

Bolt: “She gave a consistent number of reports that nothing happened, nothing happened, nothing happened, and then she said Stephanie did nothing, Stephanie did nothing, and then her grandmother, according to the investigative file, took her to the Sheriff’s Department, put pressure on her, and then she said Stephanie did something!“

We’ll just go out on a limb here and say the sheriff settles this case with $85k and a little something to help her pay off any outstanding college loans.

Sorry, hun, but in this economy you aren’t getting the motherlode. Take the money, hire a talent coach, photographer and PR agent. Soon you’ll be a star and this whole episode will be behind you.

[Former Cheerleading Coach Sues Aiken County Sheriff]