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University Of Nebraska Cheerleaders Get Soaked For Charity At Polar Plunge

The email was titled “Nebraska Cheerleaders Getting Soaked Like The Song Girls” and it was from BC Photo Editor Big Gay Rich.

It’s not unusual to receive emails at 3:30 a.m. EST from Rich but they are usually filled with screen caps of (male) athletes covered in sweat or with grass-stained knees.

The guy rarely sends images such as today’s find from Saturday’s Polar Plunge in Lincoln, Nebraska. The good folks of Lincoln came out to a local lake to take a dip to raise money for the Special Olympics. Luckily for us, the Nebraska cheerleaders took the plunge, too.

Kudos to the ladies for being troopers. The water was 33-degrees.

[Photos via Doug]

[Plunge raises $70,000 for Special Olympics Neb.]

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