Nightcapper: Maxim Hometown Hottie Contestant Ingrid Ullrich Begs Us To Post Nearly Naked Photos Of Her


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This has to be one of the greatest perks of being a loser with a decent blogging gig.

Chicks, the hot ones, will actually email us with requests to look at their photos. And they’re nearly naked to boot!

Today we received a follow-up email from BC friend and now a Maxim Hometown Hottie contestant Ingrid (vote for her now, maybe she’ll date you one day), who is famous around these parts for her claim that a Pittsburgh Steelers player once tried to pick her up at a bar but the deal ended when she saw the dude was sportin’ a child’s seat in his ride.

Anyway, Ingrid is currently working on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines ship so study her body for reference when you take that upcoming Western Caribbean 5-day jaunt. Then point her out to the wife/GF and make sure they know you saw Ingrid nearly naked on Busted Coverage.

We like this chick and will vote for her because she’s persistent and knows how to find our soft spot. Take photos where the lingerie is nearly off and BC is hooked for life. Now if only we could figure out how to keep in touch with Jennifer Hawkins.

[Vote For Ingrid! NOW! Maxim Hometown Hotties]

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