Daily Dump: Busted Coverage Makes TMZ.com, Justin Bieber Admiring Laker Girls, Tebow Out Verticals Mike Vick, Sex Addiction With Steve Phillips, MMAer’s Arm Snapping, Tiger Woods Game: Whack-A-Ho And Amy Green Topless For Zoo U.K.


We’ll start the week with Elizabeth Banks and work our way to a wrist bra by Friday.

There is are defining moments in the life of a sports blogger that stand out more than others.

• The first cease and desist letter.

• The first model who’ll sue the shit out of you “if those photos you posted aren’t removed” email.

• The first paycheck that allows the blogger to drink when it isn’t happy hour.

• The first time Jimmy Traina from Sports Illustrated crashes your site with a traffic surge.

• The first time your site is mentioned on ESPN.

• And the granddaddy of them all – finding yourself on the front of TMZ.com.

We’re honored and thankful for the free publicity via the Australian TV hosts jerking it to Wii curling.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with that little douchebag Justin Bieber admiring Laker Girls [YouBeenBlinded]

Speaking of douchebags, this was the party Kevin The Intern was at over the weekend [Funtasticus]

STOP THE F@CKING PRESSES!! Tebow out verticals Vick at the Combine? Jesus H. [Larry Brown Sports]

10 Things We Learned About Sex Addiction From Steve Phillips [BroBible]

This will give us a sex addiction after one taste – Anna Kournikova cleav [Don Chavez]

Ever wanted to see one of those ESPN World’s Strongest dudes in MMA? Your time is here [SB Nation]

Speaking of MMA, don’t watch this MMAer having his arm snapped on a full stomach [CagePotato]

The best kung-fu soccer kick you’ll see from the weekend [Dirty Tackle]

The Tiger Woods game that is sweeping the nation: Whack-A-Ho [The Guy Report]

The Latest: Elin flies home to Orlando after spending week with Cheetah [Radar Online]

We now know the Bachelor chick with a sex tape has more than one! [CelebSlam]

The Lindsay Lohan boob revolution continues to roll on (NSFW Ads) [Boobie Blog]

An Alie hat bra to get you through your Monday [Uncoached]

If that doesn’t work, here is lingerie action to show to Bruce in accounting [The Grumpiest]

In case you wondered how Beyonce’s legs are holding up in her new video (NSFW Ads) [BootySource]

Amy Green gets topless for Zoo U.K. which is like humans breathing – it’s normal [Totally Crap]

Before we forget….prostitutes on Google Earth [CavemanCircus]

Lest we forget, the Dominoes coupon your cheap ass will really enjoy after paying rent []

…and finally, a debate you can have at work: Who’ll Be The Next Wonder Woman? [Coed]

I started Busted in 2007, sold it in 2011 and Coed kept me around to run this operation. Based in Ohio. Contact me: @bustedcoverage
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