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Cuff 'Em: Teen Basketball Coach Cassandra Shaffer Got Lesbian-Ish With Teen Pupil, Fuzz Alleges


From The Indy Channel:

A seventh-grade girl’s basketball coach was arrested Friday, accused of having a relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

Cassandra L. Shaffer, 19, (above) of Albany, was preliminarily charged with child molesting, child solicitation and child seduction after police said she had inappropriate sexual contact with an eighth-grade girl over the course of a month.

Monroe Central School Corporation Superintendent Shane Robbins said Shaffer was a lay coach, or an instructor not on the regular staff, at the Monroe Central Junior-Senior High School in Parker City.

Lay coach? Probably not the best choice of words, Shane.

There are now 9 pages of comments on this story. It seems the people of Indianapolis didn’t have much to do over the weekend besides write comments such as: Dropping to her knees is what landed her in this situation.”

Or this one: “Saw off her tweeter.”

[Police: Coach Had Relationship With 13-Year-Old]


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