Elene Gedevanishvili Is The Olympics Figure Skater With A Bikini-Worthy Body (Photos)

Elene Gedevanishvili, skating for Georgia at the 2010 Olympics, might have finished out of medal contention, but she takes gold in our “Hottest Bodies In Olympic Figure Skating” competition.
There really wasn’t a competition after we discovered this chick was actually a skater with a bikini gallery on her very own web site that sorta made us blush.
And, um, she was barely a teen (born Jan. 7, 1990) when the pics were taken in Miami.
Who said figure skating can’t capture the minds and imagination of straight men? You’re about to see why that theory can be thrown right out the window.
Say hello to Elene and adjust your hottest athlete lists accordingly.

The Elene Gedevanishvili File Via MySpace, Her Online History, Etc.
• Lives in Hakensack, New Jersey. Or did in 2009.
• Trains in Wayne, New Jersey.
• Is now 20.
• Likes dancing and clubbing.
• Is single
• How to spell her name in Georgian – ელენე გედევანიშვილი
That’s about all the news we could round up during our vetting process. So if you are out at some guido bar in Jersey and run into this chick, think of these bikini photos and remember she has Russian blood running through her system.
Think: Long Island Ice Teas.
May luck be with you.
Know of a hot Olympian who is female, of age and yet to be discovered by the masses? Email us.
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