The Scott Van Pelt Experience: F-Bombs And Blonds Backing Up The Caboose

The week from hell rolls on for Scott Van Pelt.

There was the pranking earlier in the week at the hands of Captain Janks of Howard Stern fame and then Van Pelt accidentally went f-bomb last night when his mic wasn’t cut as SportsCenter was going to commercial.

All of Scotty’s troubles got us thinking, the guy must have better moments that he wants to be known for, like the one time at a bar when some blond backed up the caboose right on our boy.

Of course ESPN will likely suspend the guy for a week and make him sign a waiver that continued behavior will result in him losing cafeteria rights.

Over the next 8-10 hours the blogosphere will be glued to a response from ESPN and go hog wild if Van Pelt gets a day off without pay.

Personally, we think the guy is awesome and BC would happily drink a beer/shot with him if ever given the chance.

Or Steve Levy if he’s free.

[Scott Van Pelt Drops an F-Bomb, Says He’s Sorry – FanHouse]