Daily Dump: Chuck Liddell’s Naked Workout, Jay Glazer & Jared Allen With Hooters Models, Olympics Runs Out Of Condoms, Team Canada’s Beer/Smoke Bash, Ric Flair Birthday, Jordan Carver’s Giant Boobs & Porn Stars Without Makeup!

Jessica Gomes likes doing beach shots, eh? Hopefully Saturday is good for her.

From the inbox via Trevor in Nevada:

“Taking a 23 year-old to the tables tomorrow for her one last Nevada hurrah before she moves to Denver!!!
over/under on pants coming off?”

Over/Under how many drinks until the pants come off? Depends on her level of expertise when it comes to drinking. We’ll set the line at 5.5. That seems fair.

Full report on Monday. We hope.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with College Girls Gone Wild…a SFW gallery of college fun [Coed]

Here you go: Chuck Liddell & his girlfriend working out naked! (Screencaps!) [BroBible]

New SB Photos: Jay Glazer and Jared Allen with Hooters models on their arms [The Angry T]

Vancouver had to call in for backup condoms after 100k given out to athletes [Larry Brown Sports]

Canadian women’s hockey team smoking Phillie Blunts after winning gold? [Fourth Place Medal]

We totally missed the news that Ric Flair celebrated a birthday yesterday [Friends of the Program]

Only because it’s funny: Hasheem Thabeet gets sent to D-League [ESPN]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve McQueen That You Should [Banned In Hollywood]

Finally! Glow In The Dark Toilet Paper!! Crapping in the dark can be fun for all!!! [Top Cultured]

Think About It: What Your Car Really Says About You [Holy Taco]

Today’s Tail:

Giant boobs to get you through the weekend courtesy of Jordan Carver (NSFW Ads) [BoobieBlog]

Porn Stars How You Don’t Like Them – Without Makeup & Looking Normal [Uncoached]

A sex tape from this Bachelor contestant? Yes, we’ll appear in it [CelebSlam]

A Lady Gaga hand bra because you can’t live without seeing it [The Beer Goggler]

Tricia Helfer (who?) sideboob action in case you are updating your rankings (NSFW Ads) [Dirty Rotten]

Clear your minds of Gaga with some Monica Bellucci [Popoholic]

These pics made us huge fans of Olivia Wilde’s ass – see why for yourself [HQ-Celebrity]

How about some black tail for all of our ass-ficionados [MenTag]

We selected these photos because it’s Friday & you hope your weekend includes this [CavemanCircus]

…and finally, the church that will be serving “Porn & Pancakes” this weekend [Pocono Record]