The Dick Vitale Hooters Commercial Outtakes: Dickster Checking For Wood?


Busted Coverage reader “Brett in Tampa” wanted us to see the pictures from a recent Hooters commercial shoot with Dick Vitale.

“Not sure what Dickie is looking at but found it funny and thought you guys would like it,” Brett writes.

Well, Brett, there are three possible answers to that question.

1. He’s making sure his foot is centered on the basketball.

2. He’s trying to figure out if Mr. Happy is noticeable.

3. Dickie is figuring out if Wendy’s boobs are real or implanted.

After looking through Wendy Foster’s online portfolio, there is a very good possibility you can throw #1 out the window. She’s a Hooters model with quite a collection of photos that would make an 85-year-old on life support perk up.

The Wendy Foster File:

• Is an Alabama fan.

• Christian

• Appears pretty regularly in fitness magazines

• Spends lots of time in the gym

• Likes Wedding Crashers, Old School and Sweet Home Alabama

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