The Afternoon Dump: Jaguars Fans Want Tebow, Best Baseball Beards, Full Court Shots, Kevin Durant Gets Blocked, Teacher Lap Dance, Boyfriend Of The Year, Remembering The J-Lo Era, GQ UK Upcoming Hotties, & Hannah Martin Is Cute


Gabriela Rabelo is very sexy in her lingerie.

Well Purdue won last night in a great 59-58 win! The bad thing is that Hummel may be out for the season. That sucks!

Why does FireFox suck now? I have had it forever and never had a problem but now it likes to freeze up. I have uninstalled it and installed it and it keeps doing it. Chrome works just fine though.

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Afternoon Dump

Jaguars fans already made Tebow jerseys, wow [The Sporting Blog]
The 10 best off-season baseball beards and facial scrubs [BroBible]
Stephen Curry hit two full court shots, he is on fire [unathletic]
Kevin Durant can’t get over Manu Ginobili, now that is sad [Guyism]
Will Brett and Jay do a “jaywalking” skit? [Sportress of Blogitude]
Teacher gets suspended for gym lap dance [Asylum]
Boyfriend of the year goes to…. [Regretful Morning]
Who in the world can live up to Laurel? [Spewf]
Remembering the Jennifer Lopez era 1997-2010 [Guanabee]
Happy Birthday Nancy O’Dell! [F-Listed]
Elizabeth Hurley doesn’t need no stinkin bra (could be NSFW) [Don Chavez]
GQ UK magazine upcoming hotties [Beat By The Nudge]
Hannah Martin is only 20 something and she is gorgeous [Head of Fred]

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