Cuff ‘Em: Former Girls Basketball Coach Joey Strong Says Guilty To Banging Teen Boy


The waterworks were turned to “pour” mode this week in a New York courtroom where a former girl’s basketball coach, Joey Strong, admitted to the court that she was banging a then 16-year-old boy and providing him with alcohol.

Joey Strong sobbed and struggled to compose herself when she admitted in court this week to having sex with an underage teenage boy.

Authorities have said the 36-year-old former volunteer youth-basketball coach provided the 16-year-old with beer and had sex with him last March when she, her son and the boy were in the area to watch a state basketball tournament.

Strong was not accused of forcing the boy into having sex but was charged due to the teen’s age. The legal age of consent in New York is 17.

So where was the son while his mom was banging his brah? Seriously, how exactly does this work out? Two rooms and mom tells the friend that her suitcase is too heavy and could use some muscle?

Looks like the boys at Naughty America have a new genre of MILF movies to tackle minus the underage angle.

[ Local woman admits to rape charge – Press-Republican]

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