Australia’s Channel 9 Hosts Karl Stefanovic And Lisa Wilkinson Turn Wii Olympic Curling Into "Pounding It" Video

Posted: Feb. 22, 2010

Premise of Video: Channel 9 Australia “Today” show hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson do the goofy things network hosts have to do to keep their job. If that means acting interested in some stupid chef’s cooking instructions, so be it. If that means showing viewers the intricacies of curling because it’s Olympic season, so be it.

Karl, being the slightly douchier version of Matt Lauer, wants to show Lisa how to play Wii Curling. Ms. Wilkinson, being the career oriented mom with no time for games, doesn’t have experience with the Wii controller so it’s Karl’s job to show her how a player sweeps the ice.

Climax of the Video: “Here it comes!” “Here it comes!” “Nice!” That would be the end of the video where Karl is extremely pumped up by Lisa’s work stroking the broom – or whatever it’s called. The rest of this sucker is possibly the greatest video you’ll see all year. Watch as Karl really pounds his controller and Lisa looks back to the cameraman who is obviously about to bust out laughing at the stupidity.

Conclusion: Next up for these crazy kids? The morning show two-person luge where Karl calls bottom.

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