The Naked Olympic Ice Dancer Pasha Grishuk Playboy Photo You Haven’t Seen


(Full SFW pic after the jump.)

Usually the emails that come in via Playboy never get opened. We see enough boobs in a single day to satisfy our needs.

But this email was different. It was titled, “Olympic Figure Skater’s Nude Pics in This Week’s Newsletter.”

That led us to an image of Pasha Grishuk, a Russian two-time Olympics (’94, ’98) ice dancing gold medalist.

It seems she did a naked shoot for the Hef crew back in 1999 but the photos, for some reason, were never seen by American men.

Busted Coverage snagged one photo from the collection that we can drop on you. It’s SFW thanks to our pesky logo.

The only news Pasha has made since her gold medal days was a GHB incident back in 2008 when someone tried to drug her, according to a TMZ report.

Grishuk ordered a glass of wine at the table, which she briefly left unattended. After taking a few more sips, Pasha noticed a half-dissolved pill at the bottom of her glass. By the time cops and paramedics arrived, Pasha was feeling numb and ill. They also found a second glass she had been drinking from in the lounge and it had residue from a pill as well.

That story got pushed off the tabloid blotter about 10 hours later and Pasha went back to her life as a choreographer. Then someone at Playboy figured out that now was time to bring back her naked pics. Smart move, boys.

We’re efforting modern day photos of this 38-year-old mother of one just to see what’s doing. Yep, she is single.

If you would like to see the full gallery of Pasha in the buff you’ll need to either be a Playboy Cyber Club member or find a site hosting the images and facing a lawsuit from Hef’s minions.

[Pasha Grishuk Playboy Cyber Club]

[The NSFW Pasha Grishuk Photo For You Cheap Asses]

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