Sven Kramer’s Olympics FAIL: Coach Calls Out Wrong Lane, Costs Speed Skater Gold


Remember the Dutch speed skater who absolutely destroyed a NBC reporter who asked him to say his name into a camera?

Yeah, the guy who was like “You just watched me race and you don’t know who I am.”

Well, we weren’t big fans of the stupid NBC question, either, but it seems she got her revenge after yesterday’s 10,000-meter long-track speedskating event where Kramer’s coach called out the wrong lane change, costing Sven an easy gold.

Of course Sven wanted to talk this time post-race.

“Usually, I don’t want to blame anyone else, I take responsibility as the skater on the ice. But this time I can’t do anything else,” the son of two-time Olympic speed skater Yep Kramer told reporters after the race.

“I wanted to go on the outer lane, then just before the cone Gerard shouted, ‘Inner lane!’ I thought he was probably right. At first I thought my skates passed the cone on the wrong side, and I will be disqualified. Then I noticed in the stadium, something was wrong.

“You have to decide in a split second. I should have gone with my own thoughts but I was brought into doubt. This really sucks. This is a real expensive mistake. This really sucks.”

Oh, Sven, it’ll all be cool. Your coach will be shamed when he goes home. He’ll be fired and you’ll have to cuddle up with only one gold medal.

Here in the U.S. you’ll become famous on FAIL! blogs but other than the random dork cruising those sites, the rest of the country will forget you by Friday. You’ll get a spot on Dutch Dancing With The Stars and go about your life.

See, things will be fine.

[Skater Kramer cries tears of golden anguish after disqualification]

Wrong lane, Sven, wrong laneeeeee! Too late.

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