Daily Dump: Slutty ESPN Outfits, The Peen Pants, Charissa Thompson’s Naked Foot, Ryan Miller Talks About His WAG, 20 Worst D-Bag Guidos, The Situation & Bar Refaeli, Top Chef Coochie Hand Bra & Babes With Blades


Pound for pound, Carmen is the the hottest boxing model we’ve seen all week.  (NSFW Ads)

From the inbox:

BC reader Steve writes,

“It’s not a Brooklyn Dodger hat it is a UCLA Bruins BAseball Cap. The “B” on a Brooklyn cap is all white.”

Noted. We’re very sorry about that oversight but our eyes could only concentrate on two things in yesterday’s Daily Dump photo headliner. Bar’s rack had us mesmerized. Sorry for being men.

USA Hockey today. Don’t miss it. Cris Collinsworth will be sharing his insight which makes us giddy.



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with the Gheorghe Muresan of the dog world! 7-foot-3!! [Daily Mail]

Slutty outfits on ESPN: A photo analysis [NextRound]

Which leads us to slutty outfits for men – the Peen Pants [Dlisted]

Sideline reporter Charissa Thompson wants you to see her naked, scared foot [Angry T]

Ryan Miller telling Ryan Seacrest all about his relationship with Noureen DeWulf [Seacrest Out]

That is the MILLION dollar rock Mike Comrie put on Hilary Duff’s finger [CelebSlam]

Figures: Canadians turn hockey loss into health care debate (photo) [NedHardy]

Tiger & Elin apologize to day care center, cause tabloids to go nuts – again [US Weekly]

Awesome! Augusta National covered in snow (photo) [Friends of the Program]

New Twins ballpark will serve walleye on a stick! Yum-O!! [Sooze/Star-Tribune]

Listen Up Ladies & Kevin The Intern: The Flowchart Of Losing Your Virginity [Holy Taco]

20 Worst D-Bag Guidos You Better Hope Your Daughter Isn’t Dating [Heavy]

A men’s hair salon where the women are in lingerie? We’re so down [Weed Against Speed]

Interview: The guy who invented G-Spot mouse chats [Asylum]

Today’s Tail:

Makes Us Want To Puke – The “Situation” and Bar Refaeli in same room [The Superficial]

The Hot Judge From Top Chef Coochie Hand Bra (NSFW) [BroBible]

Babes With Blades! Skates, not switchblades [Coed]

35 Sexiest Celebrity Cheerleaders – Evah! [Manofest]

Drunk chick in her panties has had enough. Enough, we said! [Totally Crap]

Ain’t no party like a Tooshie Tuesday shindig [Funtasticus]

Enough POA galleries to get you through your Hump Day [Don Chavez]

Probably the strangest bikini gallery you’ll see all week [AttuGirls]

Isabeli Fontana – classy poon of the day [MenTag]

80s Strippers Talking About Stripping In The 80s [City Rag]

…and finally, the history class who’s movie turned into a porno [Flisted]

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