Amberlamps Talks About Epic Beard Man Kicking His Ass


Posted: Feb. 22, 2010

Premise of Video: Coolio talks with the morning crew at 94.9 WILD! Yeaaaahhhh. Dude claims to be 50 and says he was a little drunk when Epic Beard Man kicked his ass. In a calm voice, Coolio claims there were some racist comments that made him a little pissed off and that’s why things got out of hand.

Climax of the Video: There really isn’t one other than when Cools says he was just going up to the front of the bus to tell EBM to calm down. The video obviously shows him throwing the first punch instead of whispering in EBM’s ear.

Conclusion: These guys aren’t making a penny off their fight. YouTube is making a fortune. We suggest these guys find a patent lawyer. Like today.

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