The Afternoon Dump: Russia Produces Hot Athletes, Tom Kornheiser Suspended, ZTA Can Step Off Like No Other, NickelBack Gets Told Off, Thank God For These Strippers, Naughty Yami De Jesus, J Koot Wants Lucy Pinder, & Sexy Cheryl Tweedy Cole

You want to be in the middle of these two but it won’t happen.

Slept through my morning classes. Didn’t mean to do that! Kind of pissed actually but oh well.

Who is excited for baseball? The Mariners are going to have a great year this year with all of their off season moves.

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Afternoon Dump

Russia produces hot athletes [unathletic]
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Tom Kornheiser suspended from PTI [Guyism]
It’s all about thongs in the Olympics [The Slanch Report]
Zetas is a typical white sorority but they won the Sprite step-off challenge [Deuce Of Davenport]
I wish losing your virginity was as easy as this flowchart [Holy Taco]
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Japan has an obsession with “I’ll Be Back” [Manofest]
Top 10 stripper roles that answered our prayers [Gunaxin]
Yami De Jesus has to be naughty, it wouldn’t make sense if she wasn’t [Plunder Guide]
Alessandra Ambrosio doing what she does best [MoonDog Sports]
Hey Lucy Pinder! J Koot wants you [Big Smudge]
Cheryl Tweedy Cole doesn’t even have to look hot, but she is [MenTag]
No wonder Jenny is ranked 25th [The Hot Quest]

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