Naked Olympic-Like Winter Fun: German Bare Boobie Sledding From Braunlage, Germany

The usually quiet town of Braunlage, Germany was inundated over the weekend by pervs wanting to see some bare breasts on sleds.

Thanks to our friends at Friends of the Program, we get a better look at the action that was icy and NSFW.

German news outlet The Local sent a lucky reporter and photographer to cover the action and found some pretty hot women juiced up enough to show off the racks.

But the logistical challenges didn’t keep around 30 contestants from stripping down to their panties or briefs and racing the 100-metre course on little red and black sledges. Many of the tanned racers looked more ready for the beach than the piste, as some even bared what had to be rather chilly nipple rings.

“We had a lot of luck with the weather,” said André Gierke from the radio station 89.0 RTL. “A proper winter for naked sledging.”

Just one day we’d like to see the NY Times or the Washington Post run a story about naked sledding. We just want to see how many single copies of the paper they’d sell.

Just one paper to cover coleslaw wrestling. Or pudding wrestling. 14,000 showed up to see naked sledding.

SFW pics we’ve edited after the jump.

All of your female-only naked fun edited to appease our advertisers.

[Naked sled race draws 14,000]

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