Daily Dump: Michael Phelps Stupid Parisian Scarf Knot, Joe Paterno's $9k Glasses, Abigail Clancy WAG Legs, Hottest Female Baseball Reporters, Jayson "Jesus Christ" Werth, Rhian Sudgen Boobies And Shakira's Cousin!

We have something in common with Bar Refaeli – that Brooklyn hat is in our collection.

Checking the inbox this morning:
“More Elle Liberachi, less SabanU.,” says Aaron in response to yesterday’s ‘Bama tranny.
Just to make him happy we suggest checking out Elle at Buge Hoobs where the boys ranked her work from 20 all the way down to her greatest work.
Yes, we did see the news that LT has been released by the Chargers. It’s always a sad day when a guy that was your fantasy stalwart finds his career is finished. Shaun Alexander is a great example. Scoring touchdowns like a machine one day, gone into retirement the next.
So long, LT. We’ll forever miss your 30-point fantasy days.
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Today’s Dump:
….we get Tuesday started with Michael Phelps stupid [email protected] Parisian scarf knot [Sharapova’s Thigh]
Speaking of stupid accessories, Joe Paterno’s glasses snagged $9k! [MondesisHouse]
Abigail Clancy had her toned WAG legs on display at the 2010 Brit Awards [Giggity Greg]
10 Hottest Female Baseball Reporters Because It’s Baseball Season, You Idiot!! [Bleacher Report]
Probably the hottest NBA cheerleader in the league – Nicole Brewer [Uncoached]
Holy Christ! Jayson Werth looking a lot like Jesus [Larry Brown Sports]
On the heels of yesterday’s Hooters photo – 9 Eli Manning Stupid Facial Expressions [The Angry T]
How will Tiger Woods handle hecklers: “He’ll club ’em,” says Stevie [NY Daily News]
More Olympic curling ladies because you pervs keep asking for it [Gunaxin]
Must-See Photo: Dude in Dream Team shorts checking out some ass [YepYep]
The Inner Monologue of Epic Beard Man [Holy Taco]
This will piss off the Chinese government – Dalai Lama joins Twitter! [PopCrunch]
Today’s Tail:
Do Hungarian porn stars like cabbage rolls and goulash? Eve Angel might (NSFW) [BroBible]
Staying in Europe, tell us Rhian Sudgen isn’t hottest woman in England (NSFW) [Dirty Rotten]
Mila Kunis. Awards show. Slight boob salad. [Don Chavez]
Speaking of salad….Lindsay Lohan can barely contain herself these days (NSFW Ads) [Boobie Blog]
Diora Baird’s Twitter photo collection is impressive, sexy [Popoholic]
While we’re getting all NSFW-ish…. Estella Warren’s see throughs [The Nip Slip]
Seriously – This is Shakira’s cousin [Anyguey]
Sticking with the Spanish theme, this is why Mexican TV rules (Aleida Nunez) [Guyism]
This chick is 27 and still modeling bikinis which means she’s still broke after all these years [Coed]
Hot thick chicks for your Tuesday chubby chasing activities [Caveman Circus]
Getting things back to normal, Jennifer Hawkins has new pics [The Beer Goggler]
Alessandra doing what she does best – wears a bikini, gets wet [The Grumpiest]
…and finally, laugh your asses off at work with 25 Business Name Fails [Manofest]

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