Alabama Fan Joseph Cutcher IS REALLY Transgendered Chick Named Juanita Cutcher – We Think!

There aren’t too many stories that send the Busted Coverage editors on a wild goose chase around the Internets like the case of Alabama fan Joseph Cutcher.
After this morning’s post we kept looking at his photo. Something just didn’t seem right. At all.
“That has to be a chick,” kept being muttered over and over. The cans, the hair, the sorta feminine ‘stache.
The search was on for information about Joseph Cutcher. And then it happened. A break in the case. It seems that Joseph is really Juanita. A transgendered woman living amongst chewing tobacco spit-toon-ing rednecks.

The Montgomery Advertiser published a story Saturday about a massive police sweep conducted by several different agencies to take in criminals.
Cutcher, from Prattville, Alabama, was arrested on forgery charges.
That is ironic since there was a case back in 2003 where a Joseph Cutcher from Elmore County, Alabama had a marriage invalidated by a probate judge after it was learned that Cutcher changed her name to Joseph.

A suburban Montgomery judge has invalidated the marriage of a couple he says misled him. In December 2003 Elmore County Probate judge Jimmy Stubbs issued a marriage license to Joseph Cutcher and Patricia Hammon.
But, following an anonymous telephone tip last week Stubbs discovered that Cutcher was a woman.
Born Juanita Cutcher she legally changed her name to Joseph two years earlier. “To me, they just falsified to the court, or to this office, what they [were] doing.” Stubbs told WSFA television.
Elmore County’s District Attorney and its Sheriff are trying to determine if any law has been broken. The National Center for Lesbian Rights is also investigating. A spokesperson for District Attorney Randal Houston said that although Cutcher had changed her name she has never applied to have her birth certificate or drivers license amended indicating she does not regard herself as transsexual.
Houston’s office believes Cutcher changed her name for the sole purpose of entering into a same-sex marriage. Alabama has a ‘Defense of Marriage Act’ which bars same-sex marriage. This November voters will decide whether to enshrine that in the state constitution.

Now, are we 100% certain that the Joseph Cutcher arrested on Friday is Juanita? Wink, wink. No, because having lawyers send us PDFs is not fun. Trust us, the Big Ten copy infringement lawyers scared the shit out of us a couple of years ago.
But you do the math. Cutcher picked up on forgery charges. Looks like a woman with a dude’s name.
Here is where Prattville, Alabama is located.
Here is where Elmore County, Alabama is located.
It’s all good with us. If you want to change your name to Joseph to legally lick some poon, we’re cool with it. From what we hear all sorts of shit is going on in ‘Bama.
But don’t expect LSU or Florida fan to not go nuts when they read this. Tranny Cutcher is about to become a legend.
If there is a Facebook account or images we’re missing of Joseph giving Saban a kiss on the cheek, drop us an email.
[email protected]
[Police sweep nets 17 in early-morning roundup]
[Lesbian’s name change freaks Alabama judge]
[Lawyer news – see page 9 for more info on Cutcher]

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