Daily Dump: A’s Beard Man Mortal Kombat Style, Semi-Naked Curlers, Shaun White Coach F-Bomb Video, Tiger Woods Press Conference Prop Bets, Villanova Pooners, Jew Basketball Cheerleaders And Nip Slips For Haiti


Get your day rolling with some Icelandic WAG poon.

For those of you who are waiting on pins and needles for Tiger Woods to take to the podium, we feel you are about to be disappointed with the cliches Cheetah is about to drop on you.

This might be the moment when Woods turns heal like Hulk Hogan going to the black side. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

In reader email news, James writes in about Christina Hendricks:

“i get that this chick has huge cans, i get it.. but she’s really not that hot is she? maybe in that like pale irish way, i dont know, i find it odd people like this chick.”

So tell us, what is your fascination with Hendricks besides face diving into the rack?



Today’s Dump:

…we get started with A’s fan busting Coolio’s head in the bus fight Mortal Kombat style! [Giggity Greg]

Which leads us to A’s fan’s doodles (which are totally awesome) [Holy Taco]

We’re being bombarded by requests for naked curlers – here you go (with editing) [Anaarce]

Now we have video of Shaun White’s coach going F-Bomb on live TV [Larry Brown Sports]

Colbert cuts his sandwich with a speed skate [NextRound]

Posh Spice not impressed by overly gay figure skating costumes [Fourth Place Medal]

We Interrupt This Dump For Tiger Woods Links:

Your Tiger Woods press conference prop bets! [NESN]

Something to ponder while watching Tiger: which of these Villanova chicks would he do first? [BroBible]

A recap of the ladies Tiger was boning [NY Daily News]

Tiger wants Elin there when he tells world he slept with only 10 chicks, not 18 [Radar]

PGA confirms Tiger was in boning rehab [US Weekly]

Whitey golfers on PGA tour lash out at Tiger, go back to figuring out how to get tail like Woods [Devil Ball]

Back To Normal Dump:

Jew Basketball Cheerleaders! A Gallery!! [Unathletic Mag]

It seems Michael Jordan’s dunking abilities were passed down to his son Jeff [The Angry T]

20 Great Moments In Wingman History – The Buddy Who Takes A Landmine To Get You Laid [Manofest]

Today’s Tail:

Great Headline Of The Day: Nip Slips For Haiti [CelebSlam]

Pam Anderson brings the implants, nips out to play at some party (NSFW Ads) [Boobie Blog]

New Alessandra Ambrosio bikini pics to peruse [Popoholic]

Emily Lynn seems like your typical Philly chick who’ll kick your ass and then have sex with you [Coed]

Carla Giraldo might be the hottest chick you’ll see all day [AnyGuey]

Bloggers actually chat with Playboy chick they’ve seen naked – now that is an accomplishment [Gunaxin]

The full Lindsey Vonn SI swimsuit spread for you Olympic bikini pervs [The Beer Goggler]

Being Slutty In Public. A Gallery. [Caveman Circus]

Even more Christina Hendricks boob salad pics because demand is still high [PickMeUpNews]

…and finally, we end the week with enough Miranda Kerr runway shots to make your head explode [Don Chavez]

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