NBC Olympics Parisian Knot Scarf Watch: Peter From North Carolina Wearing Shorts On Today Show & Matt's USA Scarf Debut


Our quest to find “Peter (wearing shorts) from North Carolina” after the jump.

NBC has caught Olympics fever and really, really cares about no-name U.S. competitors because they have $300 million invested in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

And the Peacock Network really, really, wants you to feel cozy with their coverage. There are pretty sweaters, hip jackets, neat-o hats, warm & fuzzy fireplace scenes and plenty of local flavor that’ll suck in soccer mom who’ll then be bombarded with 48 minutes of commercials every hour.

We’ll call our coverage “NBC Olympics Parisian Knot Scarf Watch,” in honor of all the scarfs that NBC purchased so that its male talking head dorks look hip and very mountain-ish.

Dude, I Heard The Summer Olympics Were In Vancouver (Wed., Feb. 17 2010)

Ok, here is today’s assignment. We have to find Peter. The guy wearing shorts above made his world debut this morning wearing shorts during The Today Show and Al asked him his name.

“Peter from North Carolina.”

We’ll be starting a Facebook group later today to figure out who this rebel really is.

Or you could save us time and just email us: mail@bustedcoverage.com

Douche. (Wed., Feb. 17 2010)

Go team.

Mustache Rides. (Wed., Feb. 17 2010)

Kristi Yamaguchi knows what she’s having for breakfast.

Dude, It’s Like 58 Outside (Wed., Feb. 17 2010)

We figure he has an entire suitcase just for the scarfs.

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