Nightcapper: Happy Birthday To Milica Dabovic – One Of The World's Hottest Female Basketballers


We were toiling around the ‘Nets this evening when a quite hot female basketball player popped up on our radar.

The name is Milica Dabovic and she happens to ball somewhere in Europe (once played for Spartak if that means anything to you). Figuring out for which team is like a 55-year-old guy with 30 years management experience finding a job in this economy. Nearly impossible.

What we do know about Ms. Dabovic is that she turns 28 today and has sorta posed naked (about a year ago – we think) for one of the FHM Euro products.

Of course there are pictures after the jump.

In an undated International Sports Management interview, Dabovic said the WNBA is on her radar.

I already had chance to try that,but i think that my time is coming! You will see me in WNBA when the right time comes because i feel and i know that i can get on with everybody.

Pffftttt. Get on with everybody! Um, only if they’re hot. Then we’re game.

Of course Ms. Dabovic will never play in the WNBA because she’s hot and David Stern obviously has a no hot chick rule in his lesbian league. You throw this firecracker onto the Los Angeles franchise (does it still exist) and you have ratings.

Have her pose for a few Maxim U.S. shoots, get her a guest spot on the ESPYs and rake in the advertising dollars. Is it possible she’ll go nuts and start banging the Clippers backcourt? Yes. Those are the chances you take when bringing over an import with poor English.

Other news of note on this baller:

• Has a younger sister that we need FHM-esque photos of, like NOW.

• Has an awesomely huge tramp stamp.

• Likes chicken

• Goes through multiple hair changes

• Is a fan of Al Pacino

• Averaged 3.7 points per game for Serbian National Team in ’09

• Avg 22 ppg in 2005

If we are missing a picture of Ms. Dabovic that’ll complete her profile and garner us pageviews, please send them in.

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