NBC Olympics Parisian Knot Scarf Watch: Al Roker Can't Tie Knot Around California Raisin Head & Matt Needs A Man Hug


NBC has caught Olympics fever and really, really cares about no-name U.S. competitors because they have $300 million invested in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

And the Peacock Network really, really, wants you to feel cozy with their coverage. There are pretty sweaters, hip jackets, neat-o hats, warm & fuzzy fireplace scenes and plenty of local flavor that’ll suck in soccer mom who’ll then be bombarded with 48 minutes of commercials every hour.

We’ll call our coverage “NBC Olympics Parisian Knot Scarf Watch,” in honor of all the scarfs that NBC purchased so that its male talking head dorks look hip and very mountain-ish.

Because You Never Know When A Stiff Breeze Might Hit Your Neck (Tuesday, Feb. 16 2010)

Al got up at 3 a.m. for his 4 a.m. EST morning show gig and thought, “Hmmm, it’s kind cold so I’ll go with the Parisian Knot Scarf® this morning because we’ll be working outside on Grouse Mountain.”

Pffft, yeah right. How about some rain on your parade, NBC bitches?

So Al and the crew was doing their thing inside this A.M. All morning, actually. But that didn’t mean Al would lose the scarf. He would instead wear it for stand-up shots and lose it when he was sitting in the chair.

NBC can officially f@ck off. Your Banana Republic act is already old and there are 8 days of this morning show shit to go and the editors insist on this Olympics coverage because the advertisers think it still plays well in the Corn Belt.

Imagine The Horror…. (Tuesday, Feb. 16 2010)

….when this Snowboard Cross – or whatever they call it – gold medalist Seth Wescott realized Matt Lauer was coming in for a man hug this morning.

Memo to Matt: silver medal performance because you didn’t wear the Parisian.

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