The Afternoon Dump: Perfectly Timed Pictures, Ron Artest Likes Punching, Eagles Don’t Want McNabb, Wade Phillips Love The ‘YMCA’, 6 Reasons Why Men Cry At Weddings, 8 Terrible V-Day Diseases, 20 Hottest Athletes, & Sasha Cohen Is Gorgeous

I’d hang out with Lindsey Vonn in the snow.

My days of having money are now over. Back to the life of another broke college student. Have to love it. Ha.

J Koot said this earlier: ‘Chicks Kevin The Intern Will Be Spanking It To On Valentine’s Day’ In the daily dump, I won’t be doing that J Koot. I’ll be hooking up with all of them, be jealous.

Have a good day and try not to screw up V-Day.

Afternoon Dump

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