First Bikini Photo Of Jenn Sterger’s Real Boobs Since Implant Removal Hits Internet

Yes, it’s an incomplete picture of the Jenn Sterger real rack action but don’t start getting all pissed off. We have to deal with what Jenn will provide us blog dorks.

Ms. Sterger has continued to somehow stay relevant after breaking news in 2009 that her fake cans were history.

The former FSU Cowgirl is still a Twitter Queen, attracting the likes of @RyanGrant25, @RayRice27, @OGOchoCinco , etc.

What struck us this week was the revelation of a picture that should have sent more shock waves across the Internet. That photo above seems to be the only post-op picture of Jenn’s rack on the Internet. Somewhere, Brent Musberger will be miserable after seeing the photo after the jump.


There you have it. No more Rocky Mountains popping out like missile silos.

We also learned some revealing details about Jenn via her latest blog posting. She nearly had a spat with a current Cowgirl who didn’t want Sterger showing up to the Doak.

I recently had a chance to go back to my alma mater and attend a football game, and though things at the good old Doak Campbell have turned a little sour and may I add bitter, I still wanted nothing more than to go back just to take in the sights and sounds. Nothing makes my heart beat faster on a Saturday morning than hearing the Warchant in person, or the roar of the crowd when the team takes the field. Well, almost nothing. ;)

Still, when I booked my weekend home, I was upset to find out that one of the new Cowgirls had something to say about it. Mind you, these girls wouldn’t even be in the position they are today had I not decided five years ago to wear a cowboy hat and some glitter to a football game. Yet, she still protested. She said I would detract from them, and what they are doing now.

WHAT?…. That’s like Britney Spears telling Madonna she can’t sing ‘Like a Virgin’ in her cone bra. I made “The Cowgirls” biyatch. Are you SERIOUS?… One of them even went as far to start name calling and character judgment. To which I say, Pot, Kettle.. nice to meet your acquaintance.

Yep, the Cowgirls franchise has moved on. This is like Playboy Bunnies turning their backs of Hef. It’s unacceptable and oh so funny.

Jenn goes on to write about how horrible school was for her and how she was picked on for years.

Blah, blah, blah. Can’t we just cut the bullshit and rip off the top for Playboy – or something.

[Officially…..99 Problems – Jenn Sterger]

[Jenn Sterger – Twitter]


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