Shirtless Drunk Guy At Super Bowl Goes Crazy Train On Miami Police

Posted: Feb. 7, 2010

Premise of Video: Reginald Roundtree is on the scene for “10 Connects” and has this report of, shocker, a drunk guy being manhandled outside the Super Bowl by Miami police. While the video of drunk guy is awesome, we are still scratching our heads to figure out if Reginald is black or just has an intense tan.

Climax of Video: Drunk guy figures going with two arms around a giant light pole will help him avoid capture. Look, he’s really pissed that Manning didn’t look off the corner before throwing the pick six. Bitches.

Conclusion: That was a very expensive night of buying booze, a SB ticket and bailing out of the drunk tank. Hope it was worth it, hillbilly.

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