Daily Dump: Abbey Clancy SI Body Paint, JMU Guard Snowball Arrest, George Hill NBA Dong, ARod’s New Bed Partner?, You Honk-We Drink, Snooki’s New Piece Of Ass, Kara DioGuardi Bikini Pics And More Of Jack Nicholson’s Daughter


Yet another British chick with giant boobs named Gemma.

So the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is out and is the talk of the Internet.

Doesn’t that seem odd to you since there are photos of hot chicks on the Internet every single day? Shouldn’t the swimsuit issue be a relic of past times? Shouldn’t it have been shelved years ago as men went to some boob site on the Internet?

Nope. SI never ceases to amaze us with its ability to stay relevant. Print starts to die, SI goes nuts with its online division. Boobs start to appear on the Net, SI finds the hottest chicks in the world and introduces them to us.

We salute SI on yet another gem, Brooklyn Decker forearm bra. We will forever be grateful.



Today’s Dump:

…there is a God at Sports Illustrated – Abbey Clancy’s body paint [SI]

JMU guard arrested for hitting an unmarked police car with a snowball [The Dagger]

In other basketball news, George Hill’s NBA dong is in the headlines [Anyguey]

Brady Morningstar shows all you youngsters how not to shoot a free throw [Guyism]

ARod now boning Cameron Diaz? SEX REHAB! SEX REHAB!! [Bleacher Report]

Lindsey Vonn. Olympics. Bikini. Photos. [WithLeather]

Saints SB Celebration: You Honk, We Drink []

In case you wanted to see the latest guy hooking up with Snooki at Super Bowl [Radar]

Sticking with Orange Glow theme….Bradley Cooper seems to have missed a spot [CelebSlam]

Oh, look, one of Tiger’s mistresses is now working for “Extra” [PopCrunch]

Poker Chicks: The hottest (Annie Duke? That’s a joke, right?) [Poker Junkie]

Video of the D.C. Snowpocalypse….pretty damn cool [Linkiest]

Study: Beer good for your bones [Asylum]

Today’s Tail:

The Kardashian cleav was everywhere at the Super Bowl (NSFW Ads) [BoobieBlog]

Jessica Alba’s new hair. A Gallery. [UseMyComputer]

More of Jack Nicholson’s daughter in a bikini because we can’t get enough [HQ-Celebrity]

2010 Olympics: 15 Hottest Canadians At The Games [BroBible]

American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi in a bikini for your perusal [Maxim]

Night Clubs: A Battle Between Swedish & British Clubs & Ladies [Uncoached]

This chick popped out and her mom instantly knew she would call her Kiera Sky [Big Smudge]

In case you need some more ass in your diet [Funtasticus]

Anna Torv hand bra action for Esquire – can’t miss [The Nip Slip]

…and finally, 35 of the greatest TV captions you’ll ever see [Manofest]

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