Hoover Vs. Spain Park Basketball Brawl: How About A Straight Right White Boy?


Posted: Feb. 6, 2010

Premise of Video: We travel down to Alabama where the high school basketball tourneys are in full swing. Literally. This is Spain Park vs. Hoover. Yeah, means very little to us, too. Anyway, the black kid wearing #23 and likely thinking he’s the next Mike Jordan gets a little pushy and punchy.(If a local media report is more your thing.)

Climax of Video: #23 unloads on little white boy wearing #10. We’ll give the cracker his props. Little dude doesn’t drop.

Conclusion: If you’re going to go LeGarrette Blount, get leverage. It’s in the hips, son. Crack him so he goes down. If a lifetime suspension in high school basketball is your goal, don’t hold back.

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