Hooters Girls Super Bowl Party: Bud Light’s Jimmy Football & Bikini Twister Pool Bash


There are still images trickling in from the Super Bowl parties that you and BC did not attend and would have likely been led away in cuffs if we had shown up.

Take the Hooters Super Bowl party with Jimmy Football of Bud Light “Tailgate Approved” commercial fame.

It was your usual bikini party. The ladies showed up in the requisite attire and a bunch of fat, white guys sat in chairs and came down with a bad case of cotton mouth.

Not to get gay, but the highlight of these photos is Jimmy working the Hooters ladies. You have to figure Jim’s life will never get any better than this. (We’re still searching for who this guy is in real life.)

He has bikini chicks recognizing his face and wanting pics. Jimmy is like the Bret Michaels of Bud Light commercials and we pray this guy doesn’t pass up such action.

Have a Jimmy Football sex tape? Making moves on bikini chicks? Etc.? Send them in.


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