18 Dirtiest Girls In Wing Bowl History

Update: Wing Bowl 18 Live Blog at the bottom.

(This was last year’s report but it’s a classic so deal with it.)
If you are into chicken wings, strippers, drunk tough guys wearing Eagles’ jerseys and sporting Jersey accents, the infamous Wing Bowl is your cup of tea.
Personally, we find the strippers to be the party.
The wings are just an appetizer.
Yesterday was Wing Bowl 17 and Super Squib, also known as John, was your winner after blasting down 203 wings.
Kudos to John for ensuring a weekend on the toilet. The real story here, folks, are the women that have made this event a must-see on the East Coast. These hard working women usually slide around on poles and a platform work surface but take one day out of the year to shake it for the drunken Philly freaks.
Welcome to the “18 Dirtiest Girls In Wing Bowl History,” post where flipping a coin in multiple-chick photos is encouraged.

In no particular order, because frankly, ranking them would be insulting.

Update: Wing Bowl 18 is going on right now. Listen live!
Update 7:48: Snooki just got booed as she was introduced to the crowd. Hasn’t gotten naked yet.
Update 7:50: “Snooki is beginning to work the crowd,” says the radio guy at 610 WIP.
Update 7:55: Incident involving Snooki. At least one arrest in the crowd. Snooki says “I saw people drinking beer here at 6 a.m…..I was like, what up?”
Update 7:59: The National Anthem.
Update 8:02: Hank Fraley eating the ceremonial wing. “Clean your meat,” says one of the WIP guys.
Update 8:05: Here we go. They’re off!
Update 8:08: One of the contestants has cleaned 40 wings in 3 minutes.
Update 8:08: Hugh Douglas says “I could care less about these guys. I’m sending pics of all this ass to my friends.”
Update 8:10: The crowd inside Wachovia.
Update 8:13: Somebody has blown chunks. The crowd is going nuts.
Update 8:17: One of the contestants is going by the name Tiger Wing.
Update 8:19: End of the first 14 minutes of wing eating. There will be a second half.
Update 8:25: Joey Chestnut extremely drunk and we think he just dropped an f-bomb on WIP.
Update 8:26: Oink Oink has just puked and has been thrown out of the competition by Fraley.
Update 8:28: Snookie is bull riding. Crowd reacts as if Michael Irvin just walked in.
Update 8:29: A better look at the crowd inside Wachovia.
Update 8:31: Video of Snooki flippping the bird to Fox29.
Update 8:42: Tiger Wing close to puking. Porn star Katie Morgan feels bad that Snooki was booed.
Update 8:48: All hell has broken loose. One contestant puked in his hand and has lost his shorts. Of course the Philly crazies think this is better than Eli Manning getting AIDS.
Update 8:55: Super Squib will be your winner. Only question is if he has set an all-time record.
Final Update: Squib needs 20 wings to break all-time record. Video of Snooki being booed is now up for your consumption at NBC Philadelphia. That’s all for 2010.

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