From The Couch: Wendi Nix Cleavage Action On National Signing Day

To be honest, watching continuous coverage of some 18-year-old deciding on where he’ll go to college seems like a huge waste of time, but so is visiting Busted Coverage.

At least one BC reader, Dan in Maryland, ventured into zip popping linebackers playing the shell game with SEC baseball caps at a podium surrounded by hanger-ons hoping for a ride to the good life.

But it was ESPN’s Wendi Nix that caught Dan’s attention.

“Wendi Nix and new Tennesse head coach getting a little friendly,” was Dan’s full report. That would be Derek Dooley who happens to be married to a doctor.

We were sorta of the opinion that Wendi’s cleav stole this show. A source we have within ESPN tells us that Ms. Nix is quite the firecracker in person. Let’s just say that BC will reserve judgment until she’s in the same room, which happens to be a 2010 resolution.