The Afternoon Dump: Red Carded For Tripping, Worst Super Bowl Matchups, Manning Is Best QB, Most Efficient Detergent, Man Picks Up Shark, Final Season Finales Can Ruin Shows, Lindsay Ellington Loves Her Body, & Karen Likes The Outdoors


Crystal Lopez has a lot going for her.

So since Michigan State lost last night it helps out Purdue. If Purdue sweeps the Michigan State this season and wins every game then they will win the Big Ten. Who’s excited? I know I am.

I hate people who pretend they know stuff about sports but ask you questions day in and day out. Most of it is basic knowledge. For instance “which conference is Jacksonville in?” Not which division but which conference and this was coming from someone that is a “HUGE” Colts fan. Ha.

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Afternoon Dump

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