The Afternoon Dump: Best Buzzer Beater Ever, Woman’s Perspective on Super Bowl, 5 Days You Don’t Want To Re-Live, 2 Girls-2 Tablespoons, Barbie’s Party Years, Hot Girls With Glasses, LOVE Supermodels, & Terry Has A Rockin’ Body


This is why being a mascot pays off!

Some guy from the Saints was talking about which Manning he was going to play.. Are you serious? You are just trying to sound like a B.A. because you know exactly who you are playing.

I bought Animal Cuts last night. Let’s see how well that works out.

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Afternoon Dump

Rudy Gay has the best half court buzzer beater ever..ha [Fan Dome]
The Super Bowl has been canceled, in this guys dreams [You Tube]
A woman’s perspective on the Super Bowl [Asylum]
The NHL doesn’t care about black people [Sportress of Blogitude]
Wes Welker’s scrappy title safe for now [The Sporting Blog]
5 days you never want to re-live [Holy Taco]
Fisherman vs shark vs crocodile [Regretful Morning]
2 girls… 2 tablespoons [Tasty Booze]
Barbie’s party years [Chuggin Monkeys]
Lady Gaga might be medicated [MeandIsis]
Girls with glasses can be so attractive [The Chive]
Shakira is looking stellar, as usual! [MoonDog Sports]
Supermodels pose for LOVE [Anyguey]
Kharina is pretty cute coming out of Louisville [Strait Pinkie]
Terry has a rockin’ bod [Reel Pretty]

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