From The Couch: John Clayton’s Worst Super Bowl Nightmare…Gators By His Ride


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Yeah, it rained hard yesterday in Miami. Like 7 inches or so and had the gators swimming amongst the golf carts that’ll ferry John Clayton and his boys in the media around Joe Robbie or whatever you want to call that stadium.

Now we read that Roger Goodell wants upgrades in place if Miami is to get another Super Bowl, according to the Miami Herald. Like a cover over the field. Seriously.

Earlier this month, in response to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s belief that Miami’s 23-year-old Sun Life Stadium needs considerable upgrades, Dolphins CEO Mike Dee proposed a plan for a massive “umbrella” to be constructed over the stadium.

South Florida’s last Super Bowl was played in constant rain — and it would only increase pressure if more rain drenched this weekend’s game, especially since the venue is in the running for an upcoming vote in May to hold another Super Bowl in 2014.

That is an awesome idea. Then the NFL can copyright the word “umbrella” and sell advertising on each swatch of the giant canvas. This idea from the NFL for retractable roofs has been tried before for cold weather cities. See: Kansas City.

We’ve checked Sunday’s forecast: Partly cloudy and 70. Suck it, Roger.

[Colts players say rain a good sign]

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