N.E. Patriots & Child Labor: Pats Use Illegal Immigrants To Clear Snow Year After Hiring Teen Cheerleader


Remember how clean Gillette Stadium was when the Patriots welcomed the Baltimore Ravens to town for Wild Card Weekend?

That stadium was like new thanks to the great work of at least 60 Guatemalan illegal immigrants that were used by a hiring agency contracted out by the Patriots, the Providence Journal reported this weekend.

The youngest worker? 14!

Hey, when in a pinch and not able to find a bunch of Americans suffering through 10% unemployment, turn to illegals who will work “in sweatshirts and hoodies and frozen sneakers.”

The fun doesn’t end there.

Now, look, we had to use the hiring of a teen cheerleader by the Patriots to have a visual angle to this story. In no way are we inferring that the Patriots would knowingly use child labor to make or save a buck.

Caitlin Davis just happened to be a teen cheerleader who got through the audition process, wrote Nazi messages on someone who was passed out and then fired by the organization. Her age? 18!

At least she wasn’t a minor. Seven illegal minors were hired during the snow cleaning blitz.

One worker, through a translator told a ProJo reporter how that day went down.

On that day, her sneakers froze, “and my pants were all wet … they were soaking wet up to my knees, and my fingers were frozen as well.” When she returned home that day, “My body hurt.”

She and her friend, Roberto Poel Castro (no relation), 20, said they were given just one half-hour break between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m., and were each provided a hot dog and hot chocolate for lunch.

They said they had time for “only a few sips” of water, because their “American” supervisor “would yell” if they took too long, or talked too much. Workers snuck toward the back of the stadium to drink water “when he [the supervisor] wasn’t looking,” Roberto Castro said.

Guillermo Ramos, another of the workers, said on Friday, “The gringo said, ‘Hurry up, you are here to work, not to drink.’ ” He said the supervisor wore a Gillette jacket.

Each snow remover was paid between $5 and $7. We’ve read the story and can’t figure out what determined who got the higher wage but once the Teamsters catch wind of this, it’s going to hit the fan.

Of course the team is playing stupid.

They must of not noticed a bunch of brown people, who look like they know a thing or two about a corn field, working in their stadium.

We suppose.

[How did dozens of illegal immigrants end up shoveling snow at Gillette?]

Who said you could take a water break? SHOVEL! NOW, YOU LITTLE SHIT!

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