Bobby Hebert's Who Drag New Orleans Parade A Huge Hit


The greatest Who Drag parade photo gallery – here.

If you aren’t from the Bayou, which we aren’t, then men wearing drag to get ready for the Super Bowl is lost on you.

Yesterday was Who Drag Day in New Orleans, a parade that is the brainchild of Bobby Hebert, where men dressed up as women and walked through the city. Of course they got drunk and yelled “Who Dat.”

The AP had a camera in the crowd.

Hebert. ‘Sup, beeotch. A woman with the mouth of a Nevada hooker.

Posted: Today

Premise of Video: That AP voice-over guy talks you through yesterday’s Who Drag day in Nawlins.

Climax of Video: Men who will wonder during the Super Bowl where the ad is.

Conclusion: Is this really what Saints fan will want to be known for 25 years from now during their next SB run?

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