2010 USC Song Girls Make Basketball, Internet Debuts


Our intrepid tipster of all things USC Song Girls, Ivan, wrote to us this weekend in reference to the newest crop of college chicks whose sweaters will be oogled by NCAA message boards from coast-to-coast.

Say hello to Shelley LaRue, Amber Brink, Shannon Laine, Sarah Patellos & Abby Stork. All are new Song Girls and will soon have to block or remove their Facebook pages because creeps will ask for dates and want to post photos of them on their blogs.

After the jump, we take a look at the ladies who’ll be Fighting On for a 7-5 campaign from Lane Kiffin.

Shannon Laine, Sarah Patellos & Abby Stork

Do you have photos of the USC Song Girls (or of Layla Kiffin sunbathing in Santa Monica) that you’d like BC to publish? Send them in.


Shelley LaRue & Amber Brink

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