The Afternoon Dump: Australia Bans Small Breast, Best Fastbreak Ever, Grammy’s or Pro Bowl, Hot Euro Cheerleaders, 6 Women Who Equal Disaster, 14 Cents Is A Lot, Jodie Marsh Is Stunning, Scarlett Johansson Is Sexy & 100 Hot Girls


Brittany Renne is just so unreal.

So I was staying up for the Federer match last night at 330. At 3 I realized I had a paper due today so I was trying to figure out what time I would do it. So after Federer won his match I went to bed for 3 hours. Woke up, wrote the paper. Then had to go turn in another paper across paper. Then had to print off the paper that I wrote this morning. Had to go to class.

Today sucks. Good job Federer!

Have a good day.

Afternoon Dump

Australia banning small breast ban, whoa what? [The Inquisitr]
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The Senior Bowl will be more exciting then the Pro Bowl [FanHouse]
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Euro cheerleading is a sport, right? [unathletic]
6 types of women who = first date disaster [Regretful Morning]
Woman fights for a decade over 14 cents [Guyism]
How alcohol changed the World [Gunaxin]
Who needs a photographer when there is a mirror [The Chive]
No, Jodie Marsh wasn’t on a show [Big Smudge]
Scarlett Johansson just keeps looking sexier and sexier [RandomHot]
100 hot girls [Flickr]
Amateur Sandra just likes to get wet [Reel Pretty]

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