Daily Dump: Phil Jackson & Magic Johnson Get Close, Denver Broncos Cheerleader In Miss American Contest, Danica Patrick SB Ad Booted, Iowa Hawkeyes Huge In Korea, Hot Bartenders And Miranda Kerr Ripping Off Clothes


Super Bowl MVP odds and Kristy Ann – things to look at in your cubicle this morning.

Running late. No time for stupid commentary.

Have a safe, fun weekend.



Today’s Dump:

….we get started with Jessica Simpson ripping a giant fart in a business meeting [CelebSlam]

Why is Phil Jackson this close to Magic Johnson during an interview? [Tirico Suave]

Looks like we have a Denver Broncos cheerleader in running for Miss America [Gunaxin]

Jamarcus Russell takes himself and jewels out on date at NBA game [YouBeenBlinded]

Awesome – Ochocinco wants to kick in the Pro Bowl! [Shutdown Corner]

Danica Patrick’s GoDaddy SB commercial gets boot from CBS – too racy [Examiner]

Impress your buddies by preparing these dishes for the Super Bowl (and be called gay) [Bachelor Guy]

Snooki does sports radio, talks about being drunk and sh!t [Sports Radio Interviews]

Now this is strange – an Iowa Hawkeyes helmet in a Korean pop music video [EDSBS]

Today’s Tail:

Hot Bartenders Who Won’t Be Giving Their Numbers To Your Dorky Ass This Weekend [Coed]

Luana Piovani’s ass being soaked on the beach [Don Chavez]

This chick represents everything good about Belgium [Uncoached]

Kelli Garner boob salad (Ads NSFW) [BoobieBlog]

Oh, dear God, more Miranda Kerr ripping off her clothes for GQ [Popoholic]

The Hottest Comic In The World – Chelsea Handler [Holy Taco]

Lupe Fuentes for those of you who need a Latina fix [The Beer Googgler]

Tata Thursday was amazing. Trust us. [Funtasticus]

93 Hot Redheads. A gallery. [Sweaty Gooch]

Brittany has that look of a woman who would be fun for about the first 3 months [BabesNBrawls]

Bubble Butts. A gallery. [CavemanCircus]

UT poon next to that now famous rock students painted when Kiffin left the Vols [Poon of SEC]

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