Daily Dump: Elin Woods Body Holding Up, Elin Calls Off Divorce?, Steve Jobs Picks Super Bowl, How To Crash A Super Bowl Party, Worst Penis Of 2010 NFL Draft Class, Jessica Pare In Hot Tub Time Machine And Drenching Dominque Peek


Pigtails, boy shorts, eye black, a football! What more does a guy need besides a pre-nup?

So the next ‘thing’ we’ll need to buy besides a North Face coat and an iPhone is the newest gadget from Apple – the iPad. Someone tell us why our laptop is now a piece of shit relic of the 2000s? And what’s going on with Apple and AT&T?

Get us Verizon and BC will talk business.

In Super Bowl news, would the Colts and Saints quit being little bitches about this Pro Bowl thing. What Roger says, Roger gets. Now put that all-time great quarterback on a plane.

Did you hear about the guy who punched a grocery store manager because the price of crab cakes was wrong? We figured Florida, but it happened in Ohio!




Today’s Dump:

…we get started with the greatest Jersey Shore .gifs you’ll ever find [Liquid Generation]

That scary old lady in Poltergeist is dead – Zelda was 76 [Popeater]

WAG claims life as a WAG is very difficult and then goes shopping for 8 hours [DirtyTackle]

Elin Woods takes kid out and about – mom appears to be avoiding chocolate [RadarOnline]

Makes sense to us: Elin might be calling off divorce [Celebitchy]

In honor of all the Apple/iPad dorks – Steve Jobs picks the Super Bowl [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

How To Crash A Super Bowl Party From An Expert [Big League Screw]

Who has the worst penis of the 2010 QB draft class? [EDSBS]

Imagine this: New Orleans kids skip school to catch NFC Championship [Friends of the Program]

Shawn Springs uses hurricane analogy when talking about Saints – not good! [Game of Inches]

Go back in Hot Tub Time Machine to when the Colts, Saints really sucked – 1986 [Rumors&Rants]

20 People Who Are Chuck Norris Cool Which Is Cooler Than You Any Day Of Week [Manofest]

6 Action Figures That Your Grown Up Ass Can Relate To [Holy Taco]

The guy who was allegedly pissing on steaks at Wal-Mart [Barstool Sports]

Today’s Tail:

The naked boobs of Jessica Pare make Hot Tub Time Machine a must see (NSFW) [BoobieBlog]

We want the job of drenching Dominique Peek with bucket of water [CelebSlam]

And then we’d cover Katia Ivanova with a bucket of that liquid cheese stuff [Guyism]

Awesome: Chinese woman seeks plastic surgery to become Jessica Alba [PopCrunch]

Michelle Trachtenberg getting naughty with her chocolate box [Popoholic]

The new band all the lonely bloggers want to bang – The Saturdays [DrunkenStepfather]

Miranda Kerr’s ass inspector [Egotastic]

Boner material: Bar Refaeli posing in sexy clothes, of course [The Beer Goggler]

This chick claims to be French, while we guessed Hoboken [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Sasha Grey allows you to see what goes on in her personal life [CavemanCircus]

…and finally, it appears KFed has swallowed a 65-lb. Whopper [DListed]

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