Super Bowl Party At Ochocinco's House! Only $250 To Rub Shoulders With T.O., Anna Rawson & Summer Altice!

Been dreaming of puking in a toilet at Ochocinco’s mansion? Ever wondered what it’s like to pound draft beer and talk about beating Cover 2 defenses with T.O. while in line for the toilet.
Let Chad Ochocinco help you make this dream come true.
That’s right, Friday, February 5 is the night when Ocho opens his house to dudes willing to blow $250 per ticket.
It’s the Ochocinco Super Bowl House Party! (Somehow Anna Rawson and Summer Altice got tied up in this one.)

Summer Altice: looking hot for Ocho and possibly you!

85 has been busy pimping his party to ordinary Joes via his Facebook account, telling people that your $250 will get you an open bar and McDonald’s eats.
Now that is a party.
No word on if you’ll need to bring your own red cup.
One of his PR agents expands on the party plans. Take it away David Prandi:

Some guest are paid to come. It is a small house. Play video games with Chad. Eat Mcdonalds, listen to DJIRIE, mingle with the guests.

Look, playing xBox with Ochocinco sounds like fun but can we get golf lessons from Anna Rawson (find her on Twitter and tell her you’ll be at the party!). Or just stare at her without huge bodyguards kicking our asses?

We’re not sure how Summer Altice got involved, either. Her Facebook account has been pretty silent and it doesn’t appear Twitter is part of her media artillery.

You might recall Summer as Playboy Miss August 2000. She also has a volleyball background (San Diego State) so it’s possible you could be a huge dork and ask her sports questions before her handlers throw you into Cinco’s shrubs.

If you get to see her tattoo, don’t forget to take pics.

[Ochocinco Mansion Party – Tix!]

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