Nightcapper: A Time When Sports Reporters Chatted About Athlete Dong

It’s been a strange week for nearly naked athletes and at least one guy who was awakened at 6 a.m. PST to the urgent message that his dong was being flailed across the Internet.

Things got started Monday with Tebow having his shirt ripped off at the Senior Bowl, followed by Terrance Cody’s giant man cans and finally Greg Oden’s giant fire hose burning a spot into our brains.

For some reason all of this made us think about the raging 80s when women first gained access to locker rooms. The above story comes from a Scripps-Howard News Service (Miami News- July 17, 1985) article where female reporters openly talk about athletes and in a roundabout way – baseball dong.

Is there really a correlation between this week and 1985? Nope, but finding this story did turn into a gold mine when we read that Tony Gwynn was in charge of yelling “Beef!” to alert teammates about incoming women who might catch a peek.

And who knew Rickey Henderson was queasy when little Rickey was staring at a female reporter. This article is gold.

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